Rare Earth Magnesium Technology Group Holdings Limited (Stock code: 00601) (“REMT” or the “Group”) is the subsidiary of Century Sunshine Group Holdings Limited (Stock code: 00509). The principle business of the Group is to explore the development, manufacture and sales of magnesium alloy new material products. The products of our magnesium production bases have obtained ISO9001 certification, and the Xinjiang production base has been accredited a “High-tech Enterprise”, which indicates that the Group's product quality have been highly recognised by the market and the technology is leading in the industry.

In order to execute the development plan for the strategic emerging market and to lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a modern new material enterprise, the Group owns several patents relating to the manufacture and production technology of magnesium alloy products. The Group also possesses a high quality dolomite mine with abundant ore reserves. An industrial chain has been set up to link up the self-supply of raw material to the production capacity of downstream magnesium end products. The Group has comprehensively adopted the advanced and mature technology and equipment in China, giving full play to its advantages of energy conservation, environmental friendliness, good quality and high efficiency. We are constantly driven by technological innovation and creation, accumulating strong kinetic energy to enhance our core competitiveness, to realise the modernization of our production technology and to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. We are determined to lead the development of a new era of high technology in the magnesium industry.

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